Hi! I would like to introduce you to my Blog.

Un Tè In Compagnia means A Tea Together... 
How about practising your Italian in the comfortable warmth of your couch or sitting in a homey cafe while enjoying a nice, fragrant cup of tea? Even better if you can do it for free, at your own pace and any time you fancy it? 

Is your job taking you time from attending your beloved Italian class?
Are you a new mum seeking for the much coveted 10 minutes escape from nappies and poops?
Are you planning to impress your Italian fiancé? Or maybe your Italian in-laws? 
Do you live in the countryside and find it hard to reach the nearest Italian school?
Is your rent too high and you can't afford to attend your much wanted Italian course anymore?
Or maybe you are just bored at home and would like an easy and free way to refresh and improve your Italian?
Finally, would you like to spend some time with your kids by teaching them a few Italian words? 

I created this Blog thinking of all of you people around the world that already know a bit of Italian and would love to practice it from time to time but have not many occasions, nor possibilities.

I briefly explain you how it works: 
If you dream of reading an Italian novel in its original Language but don't feel ready yet, L'Ora del Tè is your perfect starting point! Here, indeed, you can find short stories, narrated in a much simple way, that bit by bit will bring you till the end of the book. To test 
yourself the reading comprehension, try to answer those 3-4 questions listed at the end of each story! I will be glad to discuss them with you.

If it's the listening skill that you want to improve, then, what's better than listening to music?
Cantiamo Italiano offers you a wide range of Italian songs that you can listen and enjoy with the assistance of the lyrics. Let me know which song is your favourite!

Finally if you are just starting your Italian journey and want to enlarge your vocabulary by learning 10 new Italian words every week, have a look at Giochiamo Italiano! It may be designed for kids but, hey, play keeps everyone young!

Now, are you ready to give it a go?

Hope you will enjoy it! 

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